With 27 years of experience, Grant brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight to any public gathering. Whether it is a series of lectures, leadership development meetings, church growth conferences, or more formal organization gatherings, delegates and attendees will always leave with fresh perspectives and insights.

Conference themes and topics can be arranged and fine-tuned, or you can consider one of the following topics of expertise:

Finding Purpose
Finding Purpose looks at the life of an ordinary, everyday person and uncovers the lack of purpose and mediocrity that we have been taught to live with. Grant then lays the groundwork for living your life with Purpose as he highlights the importance of Vision and Purpose which are vitally necessary for successful living. Grant also spends time defining success, a definition which may surprise you!

Journey To Success
In Journey To Success, Grant explores important Core Values and Beliefs necessary for a successful life. Using two simple but powerful stories, The Tale of Two Frogs and The Penny Choice, Grant takes you on a journey that ends in Success.

Discovering Passion
What animal would you most identify yourself with? If we were brutally honest with ourselves, most of us could probably choose the hamster! Our lives are spent running on the treadmill: getting up early each day, going to work, trudging through the day, getting home late, rushing through the chores, children’s homework, supper, fall asleep in front of the TV, go to bed, only to … repeat and rinse again tomorrow! Grant shares his personal experience of how he found his own passion for life; how, even in the midst of the drudgery, life is definitely worth living!

Beyond Success
In this presentation, Grant defines true success, and then relates it to daily living in the context of Relationships, Personal Leadership, Wisdom and Grace.

Purpose With Passion
Drawing on his own life experiences of tragedy and hope, Grant defines Purpose and Passion, and then masterfully marries the two as he challenges delegates to take back control of their own lives, and teaches them the basics of living a life of Purpose With Passion.

Hope in the Midst of Hopelessness
Following three major family tragedies, Grant shares practical advice about how to live a meaningful life in the midst of hopelessness.

Train Your Brain
Recent discoveries and research in the field of neuroscience has changed the way we understand the way our brain functions. Grant opens up a new way of thinking, and teaches how to Train Your Brain and Change Your Life.

Grant’s public speaking ministry brings practical, challenging insight into living on Purpose with Passion in today’s jumbled world.

Grant’s story-telling ability, combined with years of travel and people experience make for interesting listening. There is never a dull moment when Grant speaks!

Each of the above can be tailored to fit into a one session plenary talk of between 45 to 90 minutes, depending on conference needs.

Grant is also available to speak at ministry events, conferences, services, small groups, etc, on a wide range of theological and ministry topics.

Contact us to discuss your speaker or conference needs today.

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