Just released! The Reader’s Bible Series Smooth Reading Edition.

Now you can read the Bible as if you are reading a normal story or novel, WITHOUT the chapter and verse numbers. The Reader’s Bible Series Smooth Reading Edition has had all chapter and verse numbers removed, to allow for easier flow of the original text, and to allow easier reading.

  • Text is based on the American Standard Version
  • Updated, modern language
  • No chapter and verse divisions
  • Easier reading

Chapter and verse numbers were never a part of the inspired text of the Scriptures, and often chapter and verse divisions break the flow of thought as intended by the original authors. TheĀ Reader’s Bible Series Smooth Reading EditionĀ brings back a feel for the original text of the Bible, allowing easier reading pleasure and understanding of thought patterns in the Scriptures.

This edition is invaluable for your continued reading and studying of the Scriptures. Available in .pdf format only.

Launch Special: ONLY R149.99

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