Two Fires of Conflict Course

Two Fires of Conflict Course

  • What are the two fires of conflict and which one provides a place of peace and transformation for you?
  • What are the three things every conflict firefighter must know?
  • What are the four key attributes of a person God can use in the midst of conflict?
  • How can you identify God’s purposes in the midst of conflict?
  • What are the three fire escapes God provides to deliver us from conflict?
  • What are wildfire accelerants and how can identifying them lead to transformation in your life?
  • How can you find a place of peace when others want to keep fighting?

Learn the answers to these questions and more in the Two Fires of Conflict Training Course.

The Two Fires of Conflict course uses a fire metaphor to examine the dynamics of conflict from a biblical perspective. In keeping with that metaphor, we refer to leaders who serve people in conflict as Conflict Firefighters. Conflict firefighters include pastors, counsellors, chaplains, parents, mediators, conflict coaches, small group leaders, and others who the Lord sends as His ambassadors of reconciliation to serve people in conflict.

The Two Fires of Conflict Course highlights three major premises:

  • Pursuing God’s Purpose Changes Your Priorities
  • Relying on God’s Power Changes Your Possibilities
  • Entering God’s Presence Changes Your Perspective

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