Your Academic foundation continues to be laid as you study our Diploma In Theology courses. The Diploma In theology offers in-depth studies in a number of crucial areas of Theology Studies, Including Systematic theology, Biblical Theology, Old and New Testament Studies.

A full list of required courses appears below:

Diploma In Theology

Requirements: Certificate In Theology

The Diploma In Theology is also designed to cover One Year of full-time study, but students will be allowed a maximum of Two Years to complete the required courses.

Required Courses as follows: (Total of 25 Credits):

     He Gave Us Scripture: Foundations of Interpretation (3 Credits)

     We Believe in Jesus (3 Credits)

Pauline Epistles:
     The Heart of Paul’s Theology (2 Credits)
     Paul’s Prison Epistles (2 Credits)

General Epistles and Revelation:
     The Book of Hebrews (1 Credit)
     The Epistle of James (1 Credit)
     The Book of Revelation (2 Credits)

Old Testament Prophets:
     He Gave Us Prophets (2 Credits)
     The Prophetic Wisdom of Hosea (1 Credit)

Systematics: Man and the End Times
     What is Man? (2 Credits)
     Your Kingdom Come: The Doctrine of Eschatology (2 Credits)

     Making Biblical Decisions (4 Credits)

Course Descriptions Available HERE


Admission to the Certificate In Theology programme of study is open to everyone who has successfully completed the Certificate In Theology programme.. 

We also recommend that you first complete our Research and Assignment Writing course before you continue with your Theology Studies.