Your Academic foundation is securely laid as you begin to study in our Theology Track courses. Our Certificate in Theology offers in-depth studies in a number of crucial areas of Theology Studies, Including Systematic theology, Biblical Theology, Old and New Testament Studies.

A full list of required courses appears below:

Certificate In Theology

The Certificate In Theology is designed to cover One Year of full-time study. However, you will be able to study at your own pace, and have a maximum of Two Years to complete all of the required courses.

Required Courses as follows (Total of 25 Credits):

Intro to Systematic Theology:
     The Apostles’ Creed (3 Credits)

Intro to Theological Studies:
     Building Your Theology (1 Credit)
     Building Systematic Theology (2 Credits)

Intro to OT Theology:
     Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament (2 Credits)

NT Book Study:
     The Gospels (3 Credits)

Intro to Biblical Theology:
     Building Biblical Theology (2 Credits)

OT Studies-The Pentateuch:
     The Pentateuch (3 Credits)

Intro to NT Theology
     Kingdom and Covenant in the New Testament (2 Credits)
     The Book of Acts (1 Credit)

OT Book Study:
     The Book of Joshua (1 Credit)

Systematics: God and the Holy Spirit
     We Believe in God (2 Credits)
     We Believe in the Holy Spirit (3 Credits)

Course Descriptions Available HERE


Admission to the Certificate In Theology programme of study is open to everyone. We do recommend that you have at least a GED (matriculation) qualification, as the level of study anticipates that students have at least a GED level of English comprehension and writing skills.

We also recommend that you first complete our Research and Assignment Writing course before you continue with your Theology Studies.