All of the academic courses offered by the Study To Serve Institute are self study courses, and are NOT accredited by any accreditation agency. All of our academic courses fulfill the content and time requirements of any accreditation agency material requirements, but we believe that no secular government or agency can have authority over spiritual training and study.

We do believe that many churches and Christian organizations will recognize your studies with the Study To Serve Institute, and on completion of your studies you will receive a Certificate of Completion, as well as a full transcript of academic studies. Our academic study programmes are NOT designed for use in professional studies for the purposes of furthering careers, but are designed to equip believers for effective ministry, and for personal edification and growth. However, all of our students will receive a quality, up to date, personally enriching study experience in completing any one of our academic programmes.

Your involvement in studying with us guarantees an enriching and fulfilling, spiritual growth experience.


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