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Our main purpose is to offer you an in-depth, accurate and refreshing insight into the Christian Scriptures. With regular content updates and frequent blog posts on relevant topics, we aim to make the Scriptures come alive as you study them. Feel free to browse and download any of the material on this site. We trust that you will be blessed as you continue to seek a life filled with His love and blessing and you grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord.



An exciting new article series just released: Christian Basics! All you need to know about the basics of the Christian Faith. Read them TODAY!

  1. Christian Basics – The Bible
  2. Christian Basics – God
  3. Christian Basics – Our Origins
  4. Christian Basics – Jesus Christ
  5. Christian Basics – Salvation
  6. Christian Basics – The Holy Spirit
  7. Christian Basics – Christian Living
  8. Christian Basics – Prayer
  9. Christian Basics – Marriage and Family
  10. Christian Basics – Suffering and Persecution
  11. Christian Basics – The Future


Just Released! An exciting New Series of articles on Studying Your Bible. Learn how to gain in-depth knowledge of your Bible. Easy to understand, step-by-step articles.

  1. 2 Ways To Make Your Bible Study Come Alive
  2. Choosing the Right Bible Translation
  3. How To Do a Survey Study of a Complete Book of the Bible
  4. How To Do a Chapter Study
  5. How To Do a Paragraph Study
  6. How To Do a Verse Study
  7. How To Do An English Word Study
  8. How To Do a Hebrew Word Study
  9. How To Do a Biographical Study
  10. How To Do a Theological Study
  11. How To Do a Typographical Study
  12. An Introduction To Hebrew Poetry


Another new study series Just Released!! The Reader’s Bible Series Student Outlines for the Old and New Testament. Each Bible book is outlined to help you better study the Bible! Download these TODAY! All Outlines contain the full Reader’s Bible text. All files are in .docx format, so you can simply open each file and ADD YOU OWN NOTES!! Extra ‘For Further Study’ suggestions for each book.

Click on the New Testament Outlines link in the ‘Resource Catagories’ menu on the right hand side of the page.
Click on the Old Testament Outlines link in the ‘Resource Catagories’ menu o the right hand side of the page.


We are proud to announce an exciting new range of ministry training in partnership with the Christian Leaders Institute! Grant D Muhl has been appointed a Ministry Training Ambassador for the Southern African region for CLI. More news soon.